eCommerce & Retail Software development 

eCommerce & Retail Software development

Our professional team of eCommerce software development has proved our expertise in several eCommerce websites development, eCommerce mobile apps, and eCommerce platform development. We list here four popular types of eCommerce solutions that our clients commonly ask for.

Point of sale software solutions

In the most common and significant software associated with the retail industry, our team designed intuitive features like firsthand retail sales transactions, secure refunds management, inventory sync, and back-office processes integrated. Furthermore, the automatic calculating sales tax for multinational companies is one of our main development goals.

Retail ERP software development

Via only one complete portal, you can access several business activities, including collecting, storing, managing, and interpreting data. Additionally, we provide accounting software integrated with the whole eCommerce system for your back-office. It provides the working space to handle daily transactions and the real-time financials of your business. Optimizing your business profitability is the key to our platform.

Omnichannel retail software development

While 96% of people shop online, increasing customer satisfaction is one of your most considerable concerns. So if you are finding an omnichannel development solution to create a closer and more effective interaction with customers, our dedicated team offers more than that. Our products cover the workload from customer spend trends tracking by database hosted, product recommendations personalizing, traffic improvement, to inventory managing.

Retail CRM software

In addition to the above, CRM software comes as the necessary condition to complete your whole ecosystem, ensuring steady collaboration between your e-commerce platform and your retail management. Your sales and customer care department can work smoothly with accessible data sharing across regions to create informed customer experiences.