Education Software Development 

Education Software Development

As digital learning technology is the current and future in the education industry, Politetech Software holds profound skill sets of education software development with experiences accumulated from several projects. Our education software solutions would guide you to the next level of digital technology in education.

Virtual Classroom App

Act like an online version of training rooms virtual classroom apps refers to a valuable software solution for schools, teachers, and students. Virtual classroom apps enable lecture delivery, real-time instant interactions right on your smartphone, via high-resolution video call, secured live streaming, interact whiteboard, and more.

Digital Learning Platform

The demand for digital learning platforms has surged in this decade, thanks to the rise of online learning and web-based lectures. From a software development outsourcing point of view, we offer an all-inclusive environment for your digital learning platforms, helps you defeat development challenges in coding, testing, deployment, and system maintenance.

School Information Management System

Education software development package for school information management comes with both mobile app and web application solutions. This service aims to enhance system efficiencies in managing school resources, including admissions, student finances, fundraising, student profiles, grading, etc.Show less

E-learning Portals

Building e-learning portals might induce challenges for Educational software companies, that they need advanced technologies to handle several types of content. At Politetech Software, we own strong expertise to process bite-sized courses and resources that secures every piece of your e-learning portals gone smoothly.