Cloud Services and DevOps

Cloud Services and DevOps

With Politetech’s smooth and well-structured DevOps, you may improve collaboration across the development, engineering, security, and management teams to optimize your software development life cycle (SDLC).

cloud service & DevOps

What we offer

Faster product development and deployment, enhanced quality and efficiency, increased delivery capacity, stability, and resilience to failures — all this and more can be brought to you by implementing the best cloud architecture and DevOps practices, applied by our cross-functional team with 9+ years of experience.

CI/CD services

Optimize software development and cut time-to-market with continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). With our CI/CD solutions, we aim to shorten the release cycle along with the mean time to repair, also ensuring facile deployment and smooth integration of product code changes into the main repository. To maintain strict control throughout the SDLC, DevOps engineers continuously run automated tests.

CI/CD service

Managed DevOps

Progress through prototyping and deployment stages faster, automate and speed up application development, testing, and delivery with managed DevOps. As an experienced service provider, Brocoders guarantees the high quality of the CI/CD pipeline based on best practicesand combines the best possible development and testing tools for continuous integration processes.

managed DevOps

AWS consulting

Leverage the best of Amazon Web Services with the team of AWS certified DevOps engineers who feel at home with design and maintenance of your cloud production systems, optimization of IT structure and proper resource usage, CI/CD approach, proactive hardware and software monitoring, regular security audits of environments, applications, and networks.

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IT infrastructure implementation

Establish the modern IT infrastructure and efficient DevOps workflows to stay on top in the competitive market. Partnering with Brocoders ensures a reliable and well-designed network infrastructure plan, the selection of a precise technology stack along with strategies for continuous infrastructure optimization, and painless implementation of a highly-customized cloud architecture.

application infrastructure

DevOps model we adhere to

Brocoders team is a dedicated follower of the Agile methodology and is governed by the DevOps taxonomy of “Continuous Everything” and its eight capabilities. It’s a mindset, a team strategy, and a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently. Let’s review what processes each one of them entails.

  1. Intro meeting: discuss the project details, agree on project requirements, and make sure they are complete.
  2. Discovery and analysis: assess the current architecture, infrastructure, and processes along with the existing hardware and software, identify the performance bottlenecks and the room for improvement.
  3. Continuously updated plan: develop a step-by-step roadmap to optimize the existing IT infrastructure, security, and resource usage.
  4. DevOps adoption: map out the DevOps culture building and adoption plan for all organizational levels, from stakeholders to employees.

DevOps model


Depends on project


Plan for software development cycle (SDLC)


All project team